Characteristics Drain Saddle DLA-9 DLA-12 DLA-D
Customer Satisfaction Sometimes* Yes Yes Yes
Noise Reduction No Yes Sometimes ** Yes
Clog Resistance No Yes Yes Yes
Fewer Callbacks No Yes Yes Yes
Ease of Installation Fair Fair Good Excellent
Average Time
to Install
3-5 minutes 3-5 minutes 1-3 minutes 1-3 minutes
Tools Required Screwdriver, drill bits Hacksaw, screwdriver Hacksaw Hacksaw, screwdriver
IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed No Yes Yes Yes
ASTM Standard   F 409 No Yes Yes No
Prohibited Fitting Yes *** No No No
* Customer may be willing to accept code violations, noise, clogging and callbacks.
** The DLA-12 may be silent in a vertical configuration depending on flow rate and "sheeting"
of water.  The DLA-12 is normally silent in the horizontal configuration.
*** Drain type saddles are designated prohibited fittings by the Uniform Plumbing Code
(UPC/IAPMO), by the International Plumbing Code (IPC/BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI), and by the National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC / PHCC), which determine safe and effective materials and plumbing installation practices throughout the United States. 
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DLA-G Airgap Characteristics   (No comparative data available at this time)
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Available in 4 sizes:
3/8" and 1/2" John Guest, 1/2" Barb insert, and 5/8" Jaco compression
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Comes in kit form with instructions and fittings required for installation
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Permanent or removable / reusable installation
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Trap adapters available in ABS or PVC
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Splash and mist free under 15 gpm
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Solid professional connection
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) 2 vertical inches of airgap
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) ASME A112.1.3
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