Model DLA-D

The DLA-D Universal Drain Line Adapter is designed for installation on all garbage disposals where the dishwasher drain inlet is located.  The DLA-D provides a code listed alternative to the use of the drain saddle for fast easy installation on all disposals.
(Wye Configuration)

(Converts to Straight-in Connection)

patentnopending-50pct-navy.gif (2254 bytes)

The DLA-D offers a welcome solution when height clearance is minimal or the
1  1/2" tubular plumbing is visibly corroded.
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Universal adapter accommodates 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 7/8" dishwasher drain hose
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Converts for installation with or without a dishwasher drain line connection (see lower illustration)
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Comes with all the fittings and instructions needed for installation
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Simple installation bypasses existing plumbing with no pipes to undo
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) John Guest 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Super Speedfit(R) and 1/2" barb sizes to choose from
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Self cleaning venturi resists clogging with fewer "callbacks"
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Silent operation eliminates most reject water noise
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Solid professional connection
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) No drilling into wet pipes
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Fast easy installation
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed


1 Drain Line Adapter with Speedfit(R) Push-In Connector or Barb (DLA-D) Dlad-nogrey-nonums-40pct.gif (1587 bytes)
1 Hose Coupler
2 Marine Stainless Steel Hose Clamps


(Average time to install is typically 1-3 minutes)

With Dishwasher
Step One:
Remove dishwasher hose from disposal and clean opening
Step Two:
Mount hose coupler over exposed nipple and mount DLA-D
Step Three:
Cut off smaller unneeded barb sizes
Step Four:
Reconnect dishwasher hose (cut to length) and insert RO drain tubing

Without Dishwasher

Step One:
Remove knock-out plug and cut off Wye branch
Step Two:
Connect Wye branch with hose coupler and insert RO drain tubing


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