The DLA-TAG is a combination twin inlet airgap designed for dual compartment dishwashers, under counter reverse osmosis appliances and water softeners.
The DLA-TAG features a versatile 1/2" female thread inlet that provides the option
of using a 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" push-in adapter, or various barb adapter sizes.
The DLA-TAG is a true airgap that will accommodate flow rates from high output
reverse osmosis membranes without the need for an airgap faucet.

Installation time is typically
the same as conventional dishwasher airgaps.


     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Perfect for dual compartment dishwashers requiring two airgaps to the drain
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Large inlet chambers and inner cap design accommodate high flow rates and prevent clogging
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Install new or replace existing single inlet dishwasher airgap
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Perform maintenance easily from counter top if clogging ever occurs
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Available in bright chrome, solid colors and metallic finishes
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) True 1" vertical airgap open to atmosphere
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Comes fully assembled (see list of parts enclosed)
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Perfect for non-airgap RO faucets
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Reduces or eliminates noisy RO drains
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Full ported inlets and outlet
     bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) IAPMO/UPC & IPC Listed

1 Main Body
1 Inner Cap
1 Compression Top Nut
1 Deck Mount Middle Nut
1 Undercounter Bottom Nut
1 Chrome Cover Cap
1 Deck Gasket
1 Inner Cap Custom O-Ring
1 Barb or Push-In Adapter

(Average time to install is typically the same as conventional dishwasher airgaps)

Step One:
the TAG.

it is not
necessary to
remove the
Inner Cap or
Bottom Nut

Step Two:
Install the
TAG onto sink
or counter top.

Step Three:
Connect the
two inlet hoses
and/or tubing
(A&B), and the
drain hose(C)
to the TAG.

Step Four:
Connect the
drain hose to
the disposal or
branch tailpiece.


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