Dear Water Treatment & Plumbing Professional,
Eco-Tech is dedicated to providing useful and innovative solutions for the water treatment and plumbing industry. We bring a unique product to market designed to assist dealers of quality water treatment equipment with the best installations possible, and most importantly, satisfied customers.
Prior to our Drain Line Adapter series, the only drain connection available for undercounter RO's was the drain saddle.
Eco-Tech sold the first DLA-9 and DLA-12 in January 1995.   Since that time, our product line has expanded and our series of drain connections have met with wide acceptance from dealers, plumbers, manufacturers, building and health department inspectors from coast to coast.
IAPMO has listed all of our models, and they are engraved with the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) logo.  Three of our models are third party tested to either ASME Standard A112.1.3 for airgaps, or ASTM Standard F 409.  Eco-Tech maintains excellent patent protection, and we are engaged in an ongoing program to obtain additional patents, certifications, and listings.
The installer of an RO system or softener will find it very useful to have one or more of our DLA models available on the truck in order to accomplish a routine installation, or solve any plumbing challenges encountered.  Drain saddles are code violations subject to failure and red tagging during inspections.  The dripping gurgling noise and repeated clogging caused by the saddle are responsible for most of the problems normally associated with airgap faucets.
Below are four reasons why our Drain Line Adapters should replace the drain saddle:
The DLA-9 or DLA-D, and in most cases, the DLA-12 will reduce or eliminate reject water noise.
The DLA-9 and DLA-12 are very clog resistant due to their recessed conical design and polypropylene construction.   The DLA-D is self cleaning in that it actually creates a venturi in the RO reject water tubing.  During the operation of a dishwasher or disposal (or both, when simultaneously in the drain cycle), a suction is generated which can be felt through the RO faucet airgap port.
The DLA-12 and DLA-D installation looks very professional and will not be accidentally rotated or bumped out of alignment by moving supplies or replacing a waste basket under the sink.  Typically, the DLA-12 installs in about one to three minutes, while the drain saddle requires about five minutes.  The DLA-9, 12 & D eliminate the use of electric drilling into wet pipes with several different bits to achieve the desired hole size.  They eliminate the close alignment of the drilled pipe to the hole of a self adhesive gasket and to the outlet of a drain saddle, followed by the insertion of a threaded connector which may leak at the threads.
The DLA-D bypasses existing plumbing and eliminates the need to tie into potentially corroded pipes.  When a single compartment kitchen sink with a disposal is encountered, a DLA-9 or DLA-D is indispensable.
The DLA-G airgap series, provides a convenient ready-made airgap
for softeners, RO's, and condensate lines. Model DLA-TAG twin inlet dishwasher airgap is a welcome addition to our product line for RO installations with high flow rates and dual compartment dishwashers requiring two airgaps to the drain.  Models DLA-G15 & DLA-G20 provide female inlet threads to accommodate Schedule-40 rigid pipe connections required by code. We will introduce more products as they become available, and we appreciate the acceptance with which the industry has received our inventions!
Thank you,

Dennis Bowman / President
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"The Smart Alternative to the Drain Saddle"
.A quality water treatment system calls for a professional installation from start to finish.  Use an Eco-Tech Drain Line Adapter and finish the job your customers deserve.


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