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bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) To enhance the use of a DLA
It is best to install the reject water tubing as short and direct as possible, avoiding kinks and sags (see Variations below).   Depending on the quality of RO reject water, it may be useful to install a quick connect union vertically on the drain line immediately beneath the airgap faucet/sink in order to quick-change that section of reject water tubing between the faucet and DLA-9, 12, or D. 
A pipe cleaner type brush or similar device can be used to ream out the remaining tubing/airgap of bacterial growth back up the other direction as well.  All this can be done quickly and inexpensively during every filter change, thereby reducing or eliminating callbacks. 
These suggestions, along with the use of a DLA, will remedy most problems normally associated with airgap faucets
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Variations: 
Some installers have reported overcoming unusually difficult noise problems by taking the following steps:
DLA-12 horizontal (waste-ell) installation:
Rotate branch outlet of Tee (facing straight up at sink) down 45 degrees, then orient DLA-9/12 adapter up toward airgap faucet accordingly.  Do not backpitch (dip below horizontal) the adapter or tubing.
DLA-12 vertical (tailpiece) installation: 
Rotate branch outlet of Tee toward airgap faucet.  Add a new horizontal waste-ell (cut short to length) closer toward airgap faucet, then insert DLA-9/12 adapter into socket of new waste-ell, and orient toward airgap faucet reject water tube.  This will shorten the length of tubing significantly, and may reduce the noise factor in higher flow/output RO systems
DLA-D dishwasher installation:
A DLA-D installed downstream of an airgap faucet, and in tandem with a dishwasher, will perform optimally when the dishwasher has its own (sink mounted) airgap. Vinyl end caps are available for “straight-in” installations (without dishwasher). Using an end cap will eliminate the need to cut off the inlet branch and discard the main body. This will allow for a future dishwasher installation without purchasing a new DLA-D.
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Note:
Always run a significant amount of water in the sink to replace the trap water seal on all installations where the trap has been removed and then replaced.  Failing to do so may temporarily increase the noise factor and allow sewer gas to accumulate in the kitchen or room involved.

DLA-G installations:
The DLA-G is designed as a tubular standpipe airgap to accommodate the use of slip joint (SJ) nut and washer with 1 1/2” trap adapters. Although the DLA-G airgap will connect directly onto a vertical Extended Tailpiece under a kitchen sink, it must be understood that a drain stoppage would allow water to escape through the airgap window and potentially cause water damage. Plumbing codes also require that an airgap be installed above the flood rim of the nearest fixture.

DLA-G15 installations:
The DLA-G15 airgap will install onto an 1 1/2” standpipe or into a 2” fitting to keep a low profile and eliminate an extra step in the installation. Female inlet threads will allow the installer to use adapters of any threaded material such as PVC, copper, brass or steel, and any type of connection such as push-in / quick connect, barb insert or compression.

DLA-G20 installations:
The DLA-G20 airgap installs onto a 2” standpipe. The 1” inlet will accommodate high flow rates without causing splash or spray to escape through the airgap window.
bullet-withtallpaper.gif (935 bytes) Note:
To satisfy plumbing code requirements for multiple inlet installations, fabricate a manifold by using a Wye and a Street 45
° (see example on right panel of “Three Practical Standpipe Configurations” on the DLA-G page of this website)

DLA-TAG installations:
The DLA-TAG twin inlet dishwasher airgap can be rotated under the sink to any inlet or outlet direction desired. The narrow configuration of the central inlet and outlet drain ports makes it ideal for compact installation conditions. After connecting the TAG outlet to the drain, the short stubby 1/2” female thread branch inlet can be configured with a 45° or 90° elbow in tight spaces to achieve any inlet direction desired. PVC 1/2” plugs and end caps are also available to seal off one of the inlet ports if the TAG will be used as a single inlet dishwasher airgap.


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